New Year’s Eve!!!!!

We had a very low-key New Year’s Eve this year. During the day we spent some family time together and got a couple of pizza’s from Little Caesars for lunch and then used a few gift cards we got from one of our many Secret Santa’s to get ice cream at Cold Stone. We then headed to Tumbleweed Park in Chandler to play! 
In the evening we busted out some small fireworks and sparklers that another one of our Secret Santa’s gave to us to ring in the New Year!!! We also were able to get some Sparkling Cider to make our traditional toast, from another gift card given to us, from my amazing Visiting Teacher! 🙂

I think sparklers are beautiful! 🙂
Jared and I had saved the wish bone from the turkey from Christmas, and at midnight we made a wish, gave each other a big smooch, and said good-bye to 2013. We are very much looking forward to a better and hopefully prosperous year in 2014!!!! 
Happy New Year!

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