‘Tis the Season to be Sick

Poor Alayna has had a really rough year this year. She can’t seem to stay well! She’s missed 11 days so far and students are only allowed to miss 10 before they threaten to send a truant officer…which we’ve already received a letter for a few weeks ago. 
Alayna had a fever Monday and Tuesday so I kept her home. Wednesday she was fever free but still had this awful cough. It was incessant and sounded terrible. I thought she was ok to go to school so I sent her. Her teacher told me she had a rough day at school with all the coughing and by the time she got home she sounded even worse, so we took her to Urgent Care. It’s our favorite place!!!! NOT!!
They gave her a breathing treatment and ran some scans. 
It turns out she has Walking Pneumonia!!! I don’t always win the award for World’s Greatest Mom…I felt horrible for sending her to school. 🙁 They gave her antibiotics and Albuterol to help her breathe easier. They told her she could go to school but she’d need to take the RX’s at school too. No running around like a crazy girl, take it easy and stay warm…especially at recess. 

By the end of the day today she was already sounding so much better and feeling better. We are so relieved. She hadn’t had a good nights rest all week because she couldn’t breathe with out coughing. Thank goodness for modern medicine and health insurance!!!!

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