Since Jared had been in & out of Urgent Care and in & out of the E.R. this week Halloween was sort of a hot mess. We had already planned on it being a low key celebration anyway since funds are limited as Jared is still looking for work. The kids did a GREAT job coming up with recycled costumes or using their imaginations coming up with new ones!!
Alayna as a Hobo.
Eli as the Mad Hatter once again! 
Walker as a “Cereal” Killer. 😛
A better view of his creativity.
Alayna is such a little actress. The look on her face looks so genuine!! LOL!!!
 We decided to warn our neighbors about the situation in our house. It seemed to work. Not a single person came a knockin’…LOL! 😉
Our wonderful friends The Wright’s took Alayna and Eli Trick or Treating and Walker went with his buddy Chase as has become tradition for him. Jared was able to get some rest and we were so grateful for sweet friends who helped us out and took away one more thing off of our list that we had been worrying about. 

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