Deacon’s Quorum Presidency

Yesterday we stayed after church so that Walker could be set apart as the Secretary in the new Deacon’s Quorum Presidency. We are so proud of him, and that the Lord has entrusted him with this new calling, and the responsibilities associated with it.
This is the 1st calling he’s had in the Church and it will require a lot of organizational skills and record keeping. I know he will do a great job for his fellow Deacons, and as with all callings that come, he will learn a great deal and come to love those he serves even more.
I always feel a deep sense of joy when our children accept to be baptized, receive the priesthood, or now accept a calling. Coming from an inactive family on both my side of the family and most of Jared’s side, it warms my heart to see my children doing good works and living the Gospel as they build up their testimonies. 
We are certainly proud of them as they choose to put the Lord 1st in their lives and serve those around them. I’m grateful for this opportunity Walker has been given. I know Heavenly Father loves him and will bless him through fulfilling this calling. 🙂
We love you Walker!!
President- Corbin Bollschweiler
1st Counselor- Chase Williams
2nd Counselor- Jeffery Switzer
Secretary-Walker Kitch

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