Our Oasis In The Desert!

So way back at the beginning of June (before the whirlwind of rough luck gusted our way) we decided it was time we needed a break from the unrelenting summer heat. Every year I sit outside for up to an hour everyday baking while the kids take swim lessons. This year they all have shown they are really great swimmers so we went down and signed papers to build a swimming pool!!!!! 😀
This is what the backyard looked like before the work began.  
Pre-grade..Sammy trying out the new turf. 😛
1st layout of the pool. 
2nd layout of the pool. They didn’t have it far enough away from the plants against the back fence so they re-drew it. What that means is…delays in getting your pool built..LOL!
They finally started the dig with the heavy equipment!
It was short lived as they found wires while digging and had to stop. They had only been here for an hour or so. 

What does that mean??? Even more delays for building your pool…:(
After calling and researching for about a week they found those wires were abandoned and they were able to continue the dig. Hooray!!!

Pool is dug and the forms are put in place. 
Plumbing and rebar team arrived. 
Then electrical wires….
 And equipment go in. 
It’s funny how excited you become over the smallest things like…a pool light! 😛
Next came the shotcrete. This was the messiest of all the construction. That stuff was flying everywhere!!
The kids were excited it was finally looking like a pool. 🙂
Next was the cement for the cool decking. They had to level the dirt out around the pool. Which means more heavy equipment. This guy was crazy on that thing…
Looking good! 🙂
The tile was installed. 
It had been raining and the water sat in there a while. The workers also apparently don’t care how clean they keep things and leave bags of cement and rubber gloves where ever they please…yuck!
The cool decking was then put on the cement. 
We have the latest and greatest in pool drains. So new in fact that the promotions division came out to take pictures of it for their advertising..ya we scored a few free beach balls for letting them take pictures of it. 😛 Sweet!
This is a hole they had to come back and jack hammer out for an umbrella sleeve they forgot to put in when they did the shotcrete. 
Then it was time for the Pebble Tech to go in. I love the trapeze they fashioned so the cords wouldn’t ruin their work. 
Umbrella sleeve. 
Then the BIG day came and we were able to start filling it with water!!!!
Ta Da!!!!!! 🙂
The kids were jumping for joy!!!
We started the paper work on June 10th and today was the finish day with the start up of all the equipment. It took 3 months and 6 days from start to finish. It was a bit stressful at times and I’m not in any hurry to build anything else anytime soon. I’m just not cut out for it. LOL! 
Now that it’s finished we are very happy with it and feel it was worth all of the work. 🙂
 Now we can enjoy this gorgeous view from our pool! 😀


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