Utah Trip 2013-Day 1

So Jared and I were talking at the beginning of the summer and realized that we haven’t been up to see his dad since I was pregnant with Alayna. That was 7 years ago! We had gone up for his Grandma Kitch’s funeral. 
We decided that needed to be fixed and that we really needed to take the kids up to Utah to see their family up there. 
We left when the sun was still asleep on Tuesday and made a few stops along the way.

We passed through the Joshua Tree Forest along US 93. Did you know according to legend, Mormon pioneers considered the limbs of
the Joshua trees to resemble the upstretched arms of the Prophet Joshua leading
them to the promised land. Cool huh? 🙂
The drive to Utah is long and earlier this summer I had had issues with the a/c in the van and as we were driving the van started getting hotter and hotter. We were pretty nervous we were going to have to stop in Vegas to get it repaired. We called my dad (if you didn’t know he was a mechanic for 25 years) to get some advice and he told us a few things to try and what do you know…it worked! We still need to take it in to get it looked at but it was really great that we were able to push through the trip without having to get it fixed by some random shop that would probably gouge us cuz we were tourists with out a lot of options. Yay dad! 😛
We decided to break up the trip a bit with a few sightseeing stops. 
The last time the boys were in Nevada was for my brother Boog’s wedding. We stopped at the Hoover Dam back in 2005 but they don’t remember it. Alayna has never been so we thought it was a good thing to do. 🙂
The bridge you see is new. It cuts about 30 min. off your drive. It pretty cool!
 It really is a phenomenal structure. Water is HEAVY the amount of pressure that presses on that dam must be outrageous!
The view as you approach the Strip.
We stopped for lunch in Vegas and then headed over to the M&M World Store. 

The store was totally packed with people. You could barely move around in there and it was in the afternoon of a weekday! The kids got a souvenir and then it was time to get back on the road. We were only about 1/2 way there…

We drove and drove and drove some more….. Then we hit St. George and saw the temple. Not a great pic but hey.. 🙂
 Then we saw the Payson Utah Temple. It’s still under construction. 
We aren’t used to seeing so many temples. It seemed every where we drove there was another one! It really shows how much the church is growing and I loved that the kids got to see God’s work rolling forth! 🙂
We finally arrived at Katie & Ben Carr’s (Jared’s cousins) around 8 p.m. making it about a 14 hr drive! Yikes! They live in South Jordan and they just finished their basement and were kind enough to let us take over their home for a few days! 

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