Utah – Day 6

We got over to Aunt Jean’s bright and early and picked up the things she wanted Jared and his siblings to have of his Grandma Kitch’s. It was good to see her one last time before we had to leave. She’s such a sweet woman. 
As we headed out of town we stopped at the temple where Jared and I were sealed on June 19, 1999. 
It was a sweet moment for me to show the kids where we were sealed. I loved being able to tell them that we are a family for eternity and we will always be together. It brought back so many memories of that day 14 years ago. Little did we know then that we’d be back with 3 beautiful and amazing children!
It really is a beautiful temple. 
It was time to get down to business and get home. We drove and drove and drove. At one of the rest stops Alayna had a light bulb moment and asked me…
So wait…When I get married I have to drive all the way to Utah to get married?
I couldn’t help but laugh. I explained to her that she didn’t have to drive all that way. We have temples in Arizona for her to get married in. Dad and I just chose to go to Utah because he has so many family members up there that could go through with us and it just made sense. 
She was quite relieved to hear that! LOL! I guess she was tired of riding in the car!!! 😛
By about the 10th hour the kids had gotten completely slap happy. They were giggling out of control! It was hilarious! 
As you can see that is a LOT of miles for one trip! I’m really glad we went and saw Jared’s family. I’m glad the kids got to know their Grandparents a little better too. I’m also glad to be home and not driving down the road! LOL! 😛

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