Utah- Day 3

Since we came to see all the family in Utah we had to say good-bye to the Ashby’s and Carr’s and hit the road again. It was time to drive up to Tremonton to see Jared’s Dad and Step-mom. 
It was hard to say good-bye…
It’s about an hour and a half drive from Katie’s to John’s. We thought we’d throw a little bit of fun in the sun in before we drove all the way up. 😛
So we stopped at Lagoon!!!!
Jared said the last time he’d been there he was about 10. The kids and I had never been and we’ve heard so much about it from our friends who run away to Utah every summer to escape the blistering Arizona summers, we thought we should go! 🙂

They had all sorts of roller coasters and fun rides. We were actually surprised at the quality of rides they had and that you didn’t have to wait in hour long lines like we are used to at Disneyland. LOL! They have a water park there too called Lagoon-A-Beach. It had water slides, a lazy river, you name it! The kids are still talking about that place. We had a blast! 😀
We couldn’t stay there all day, we still had to get up to Tremonton and have dinner with Jared’s parents. So we packed up and hit the road…again! LOL!
 We finally made it and we went out for pizza for dinner with everyone. They had this super cool Bat-mobile there…Alayna loved it! 😛

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