I’m Back!

Well it’s been about 4 years but I’m back! Sunday I was sustained as the Primary 2nd Counselor. 
I can’t say I’m totally shocked. I had been having some nudges of the Spirit the past week and so when I got the call from Bro. Schepf I knew what it was about. 
I’ve served as a Relief Society Homemaking Committee Member (back in the day when it was called Homemaking and not Home Family & Personal Enrichment), a Primary Teacher, the Primary Secretary for many years, the Relief Society 2nd Counselor, and the Cub Committee Chair, so being the 2nd Counselor in Primary will be a new experience. I was pretty nervous at first but I’ve actually had a very overwhelming peace come over me the past few days. I greatly appreciate it too! I always feel stressed about teaching and I will have do Sharing Time for a month every 3 months. I’m hoping I’ll be able to retain this ‘calmness’ during those months! LOL!
We had our 1st Presidency Meeting today. Our Primary President has never served as a President before so she is feeling quite a bit of stress and is still figuring everything out. So far I know I’m over Cub Scouts still. I was ready for a change of pace but I guess the Lord still wants me involved with the program. I think the Cub Scout Leaders will be happy to hear that I’m not going anywhere. 🙂 I’m also over the CTR 5, 6, 7A, 7B, and Valiant 8 classes. I’m sure more assignments will be made as we all figure out our new roles. 🙂
Primary is the largest organization in the Church. The amount of children and teachers it takes to run this program can make it very challenging. I’m thankful for my past experience and that I’m not jumping into this new calling cold turkey. 
I’ve had so many ward members approach me and give me words of encouragement and to tell me how happy they were to hear I was in the Presidency. That always helps transitions feel a little better. 🙂 I think this Presidency is going to work well. 😛
Primary President: Debra Richins
1st Counselor: Teralyn Schnepf
2nd Counselor: Me
Secretary: Kasey Larson

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