Hotel Del Coronado-Summer Vacation Day 1

Back in May, my best friend from my childhood Jill called me up and asked me if we would want to go with her family to California on vacation. We have been friends for just about 25 years now. The last time we went on vacation together was about 14 years ago. She said they wanted to stay at The Hotel Del and I said yes about as fast as you can say “beach”!! LOL!
The day finally arrived Friday and we were off!!!

When Mom, Alayna and I went to San Diego in May we stopped in Dateland but never got a DateShake. So this time we gave it a try. It was decent but not a crowd pleaser. We had to try it though! 😛

A few hours and potty stops later we finally arrived at our destination. 
The rooms were very spacious and comfortable. We had a really nice set up with a bathroom and a dressing/make up area separate. We had them bring in a roll away which easily fit with the 2 queen beds. We had a great view from our balcony of the main hotel and overlooked a garden area. It was perfect!
Once we got settled in it was time for the beach!!
Alayna found tons of live sand dollars!
A dead jelly fish…
And lots and lots of crabs! This one was named Johnny. 😛
This was J.J.
And their new roommates! 🙂
The valley was supposed to get up to 118 degrees and I was pleased as punch that we missed it. Coronado was a blissful 81 degrees, sunny, and just what we all needed!! 😀

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