National Junior Honor Society

 Junior High brings lot of exciting things you can be a part of. This year Walker and any student that had a 3.8 G.P.A. or higher received a letter informing them that they qualified to apply to be a part of National Junior Honor Society. To be accepted you have to have excellent grades, recommendations from all of your  teachers, write an essay explaining why you would like to join and how you would benefit the program and how the program would benefit having you as a member. You also have to get a letter of recommendation from someone outside of school. Walker chose his Scout Leader Bro. Fowles. It’s a pretty big deal! Not everyone makes it in. There is a committee that looks over each application and if you don’t meet their high standards and criteria then you are cut. 
The process was a little daunting to Walker at first. He told us that the essay was something he wasn’t sure he could do. He said talking about himself is really hard for him. He’s not used to “bragging” about his talents and abilities and didn’t want to come across as boastful. We had a good discussion about how it’s different when you are out on campus with your friends and just tooting your own horn as opposed to applying for a club or job. With some heavy consideration he decided to go ahead and give it a shot. 
A few weeks went by before they posted the list of students that were accepted. Walker came home and couldn’t wait to share the news with us! It was all very exciting!!!!!!
Last night was the induction ceremony. They go all out for this night and only the student and parents are invited to attend. After the ceremony they serve a special dinner. 🙂
Walker looking so handsome! Gosh he’s a good looking young man! 🙂
The Principal giving some remarks about NJHS and what it takes to make it in and what the organization is all about. The Principal also stated this group is the largest group they’ve ever had at South Valley.The National Junior Honor Society not only is a group that recognizes academic excellence, and looks awesome on your college applications, they also do a lot of service. They are very involved in the community doing community service, they help the school, and organize the school dances, and run the recycling club. Pretty neat huh?!? 

There were a few other speakers and then it was time!

We don’t know who the girl is next to Walker..but they sure seem to be having a good time!! ;P LOL!

They called Walker’s name…

He got his certificate…

And he was off…. 😛 
Let’s better a better view of that stellar guy and his awesome certificate! 🙂
I couldn’t stop smiling. I was SO proud of him! This process was out of his comfort zone and he applied himself and was able to achieve his goal. He has learned he can do hard things, and that more than any club or piece of paper is worth it’s weight in gold!

A few of his buddies from church also made it in! 😀

We walked over to the cafeteria for the dinner and decided after seeing it was generic italian pasta and rubbery pizza we should go out to eat somewhere else. Since it was Walker’s special night he chose Chinese. 
He wanted to try pretty much everything on the menu so we “rolled” ourselves out when we were done! 😛
For dessert he wanted Bahama Bucks. We swung by the house to get Alayna and Eli and got some tasty treats!
 We are so proud of you Walker. You are growing into an amazing young man that we couldn’t be more proud of! 

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