Enjoying Beauty All Around!!

I woke up before the girls and I snapped this sweet picture of Alayna. She’s all cuddled up to her new stuffed animial Grandma got for her in Dateland. She named her Cheetah Lilly (like Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan but she’s a Cheetah…lol!). Alayna looks pretty tired from the long drive in from the night before. 😛
After everyone got up and ready we had breakfast in the hotel lobby and then we were on our way to our first destination….The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. 
If you have never been here you should go. They are only open from March to May. The fields are filled with giant tecolote renunculus flowers. It’s so beautiful!! It’s the perfect place for a girls’ outing. 😛
They have a little scavenger hunt for the little ones. They have these flags posted all over the fields where you stamp your paper at each location. When you get all your stamps you get a discount on the mining activity they have there. Alayna also liked to stamp her hands too! 😛
We decided to take the tractor ride that takes you all around the grounds and has a recorded narration about the Flower Fields. 

I mean how gorgeous is this?!?!!!!

Alayna found a little friend while we were there. This girl loves bugs. She does NOT get that from me. She’s not scared of them at all! She wanted to take this little guy home but I made her put him back so he could enjoy his good fortune of living in such an amazing place!! LOL!

I think she loved it here! Hehehe!!!
They had a Sweet Pea Maze you could go through. It looked simpler than it actually was. We kept getting turned around but it was fun. 
I can’t even tell you how incredible it smelled walking through the sweet peas!!! Divine!! 
Alayna collected all of her stamps and got to mine for gems. 
  Each gem meant something and I really wish I took a picture of the guide they let you match your gems up to with all the meanings and types of gems their were. I know there was a Tiger’s Eye and that one watched over you. There was a Rose something or other and that one meant love. One meant happiness…and that’s all I can remember. LOL!
It was a perfect way to spend our morning. 
It was quickly approaching lunch time so we grabbed some lunch and headed to our next stop, The San Diego Temple. We spotted it on the way up to the Flower Fields. I’ve never been there before and so I wanted to make sure we stopped just for a minute just to get a quick picture before we did anything else. 
I’m not sure that this picture does the temple justice in conveying the enormity of it. It’s HUGE!! It is so gorgeous and if I was a princess this is what I would imagine my castle looking like. It was breath taking!
We actually saw a newlywed couple on the grounds taking their pictures. It was a neat opportunity for me to talk to Alayna about temple marriage. 🙂
After we got our photo op in it was time for what Alayna has been waiting for…..
The Beach!!!
We went to La Jolla Beach for the rest of the afternoon and Alayna had the time of her life!
If it was up to her she would have stayed all night! The weather was perfect and the crowds were minimal. It was a relaxing and wonderful afternoon. 🙂
For dinner we went to Hunter’s Steak House. Sorry for the blurry pic…Grandma and electronics are kinda sketchy. LOL! Dinner was tasty and I was sharing with Alayna that she’s actually come on this trip with Grandma and me before. The last time I came to San Diego with Grandma I was just a few weeks pregnant with her! She thought that was pretty cool! 😛
The party didn’t end there…When we got back to the hotel Alayna wanted to go swimming!
The next set of pics are blurry (cell phone pics) but they capture her having so much fun!
 I love that last one!!!! 😀
We packed  a lot of things all in one day! We created so many memories. I can’t wait to share what we did the next day! 🙂

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