Happy 10th Birthday Eli!!!

It’s really hard for me to believe that it has been a decade since Eli came into our lives! I remember like it was yesterday this 9lb. 3oz. bundle being laid in my arms. He was a Mama’s Boy from the beginning. The only time he would stay calm and quiet was if he was being held by me….litterally…24/7! LOL!
Fast forward 10 years and he’s the most outgoing, adventurous, free spirit! 
Yesterday we had 11 of his closest friends come over for a late night to celebrate this momentous occasion. 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa Morrison got him this awesome Jumbo Ball! It was a great gift and all his friends thought it was the bomb! 😛
He invited friends from school and church. Only 2 of them couldn’t make it. That’s a pretty amazing turn out. I think it says a lot about Eli and his friendships with others. They all made a big effort to be there for him. This year in particular we’ve seen him flourish and mature into this go-getter self reliant individual. Friends have become a more prominent facet in his life and he treats each one in such a way that they all feel like they are his best friend. I feel that is the greatest test of an amazing friend!

The party started at 5:30 pm and everyone came hungry. I made 7 pizzas and they were gone in a FLASH!
Then it was time for some fun and games!
This is how they play video games…inches from the screen. They just couldn’t sit down! 😛
This game is called “Sweet Sucker”. The object is to get as many M&M’s into the other bowl as possible in one minute. At the end you get to eat all that you moved over and the person who got the most got a prize!
Next, it was time for cake!
Look at that face! I couldn’t get him to break “character”. He sat that way through the entire Birthday Song! What a HAM!!! LOL!
He made his wish and blew out the candles. 
It’s become tradition for the boys to request my Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake. It’s the easiest thing to make and it tastes sooooo good! 🙂
We then moved on to the important matters….presents! 🙂

 Around 8pm we put on Rise of the Guardians. Some of the boys watched the movie, while some played Lego’s  and others played outside in the backyard being the wild animals they are. I’m sure our neighbors were grateful when 10 pm rolled around and everyone went home! LOL! My walls in the house were shaking with all those rambunctious kids! 🙂
It was a great night and Eli had a blast…and that’s what’s most important. Double digits is a pretty big deal and my life hasn’t been the same since he came into it. All for the better of course. 

Happy Birthday Eli we love you so much!

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