Eli’s Academic Night!

Eli earned his way into Academic Night this year. Students have to be in 4th-6th grade and receive straight A’s (and can only have 1 B) all year long. Eli has been hard at work in school this year and it’s paid off! 🙂
He qualified for ALP last year in 3rd grade. In 4th grade they are pulled out of the classroom and have a separate teacher for either Math or Language or both. Eli goes to both. 
The new ALP teacher this year used to teach Jr. High/High School ALP students and she challenges the students she has now at practically the same level. Eli has proven however, that he can do hard things and meet high expectations! 
Eli and his best friend Amir. These two are as thick as thieves. They are inseparable! It was so neat to see them together last night.
The moment we’ve all been waiting for. They called his name…
He walks across the stage…
Mr. Nash presents his pin and shakes his hand…
Then he hightails it off the stage!!! LOL!! 😛 I guess he was done with is 15 seconds of fame. 😛 
We are so proud of you Eli. We know how much you worked to get here. You should be proud of yourself too! 🙂 Great job!!!!!!
We finished off the night with a little something at Dairy Queen! I think he looks pretty happy about that! 🙂 I’m one proud Mama! 😀

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