What A Day!

Yesterday was quite a day! 
I left church right after Sacrament Meeting and Alayna apparently came looking for me during Relief Society. Thankfully my friend Denise was kind enough to see what she needed and took care of her for me. 

This is why she was looking for me. She lost her 2nd baby tooth!!! 🙂
I had left church early because a week ago Eli sprained his foot and it was healing pretty well. Then he went to the Spring Break Bash at Chase’s and one of the older boys was rough housing with him and he re-injured his foot. I had to take him to Urgent Care to make sure there wasn’t a fracture or something more serious. He was in a lot of pain.

The x-ray showed no signs of a fracture but they want us to keep a close eye on it in case he might have done something to the growth plates. He has to be on those fun crutches for at least a week and give it plenty of rest, ice, and TLC. Hopefully he’ll be a good patient and follow Dr.’s orders. Football starts on Thursday and he’s going to miss at least the first week. Not the greatest timing….
I took the kids to school this morning and had to check in with the office so they were aware of what his condition and to get the key to the school elevator. There was some definite jumping through hoops just to get them to allow him access to the elevator. The doctor only wrote him an excuse from P.E. not a written history of his entire health record and they were telling me it was a liability and unless we had a note from him that better explained his situation they weren’t going to give him access. I went and spoke to the nurse and she allowed us to use the excuse from P.E. to stand as a medical record. I was a little miffed, but I was glad in the end they allowed it. It would have been so frustrating to have to take him home and all the way back to the doctor to get another form. 
I’m hoping he had a good day at school and it wasn’t too difficult for him to get around. Poor kid! It has been an eye opening experience for him in just the 1st day he’s had to use the crutches. He keeps asking me how I managed being on crutches for all those months and in the boot I had to wear. He said, “It’s so much harder to do things now. It’s exhausting!” Oh I remember too clearly how he feels. At least we can commiserate together. 😛

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