Eli’s Pinewood Derby 2013

Last night was Eli’s 2nd Pinewood Derby Race. He and Jared have been working on this car non-stop for about a week. It was a true labor of love. I can’t even tell you how much this car ended up costing us. LOL!
Thankfully we have some awesome friends with some awesome wood working tools and they were kind enough to let us come over and take the plain block of wood and turn it into car. 

Not too shabby huh? 🙂 Can you tell who this car is yet?? I’ll let you wait a little longer to find out. 🙂

Primer coat.

Color coat.
Working on those wheels to make a super speedy car!

Getting to use power tools is the best part! 
And now for the BIG reveal…..
Eli made Ramone from the movie “Cars”!!! And yes he is in the oven. Jared read online to help the paint to dry to stick it in the oven overnight with the light bulb on. It worked like a charm! 😛
Last year Eli made Lightening McQueen. They boys like to pick a theme and run with it each year. 🙂 Here are some close ups…
It turned out so cool!!! 😀 
Then it was ready for action!
Hmmm…does that Lightening McQeen car look familiar? It should! It was Eli’s car from last year. Eli invited his friend Amir (who I totally didn’t get a picture of that night..darn it..) to come to the races and he didn’t have a car. Luckily we brought his old one for a “just in case back up car” and so Amir was able to race Eli’s car! 

When the line-up had both of his cars racing each other it was really cool to see how they faired against each other! 😛 Ramone may say he’s “Low N Slo” but he beat Lightening every time! 😛

 Jared was so great and helped me out by running the races. What would I do with out him??? He’s the best!

Eli’s car didn’t win but he placed higher than he did last year and that’s pretty great! His car was awarded “Best Themed Car” and we’d certainly agree with that! 
Great job Eli you worked really hard and we are proud of you! 😀

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