Are You My Mother?

Jared was cutting down the Cat Claw vine out front and he found this sweet little treasure!
We were pretty confident that the mother had abandoned the nest and that there wasn’t a live baby inside, so Jared showed it to Alayna and she was so thrilled and couldn’t believe her luck! She took this humming bird nest and loved it and cuddled it and cared for it as if it was the greatest treasure on earth! That was until she dropped it…..the egg broke and Alayna fell to pieces too. It was a heart-breaker. Thankfully we had taken a picture of it before the ‘incident’ and she has it hanging in her room with the empty nest. 🙂 
It really is amazing how tiny it is. Hard to believe something so beautiful comes from something so small. I love humming birds. They always remind me of my Grandmother Bernal. 😉

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