Alayna’s Fieldtrip to Schnepf Farms

Alayna has the same Kindergarten teacher the boys had, Mrs. Ence. I volunteered to be a chaperon for her field-trip today to Schnepf Farms, but she didn’t know. When she found out she was SUPER excited!! She wouldn’t stop jumping up and down. It was a heart warmer. 😛

The chaperons lined up and the children of the chaperons got to choose who was going to be in their group. Alayna chose Tyler to be in our group.

He’s had a crush on her since the first week of school. He was super stoked when she picked him. LOL! We’ve had to have the whole talk about, “we don’t date until we are 16”!! He asked her to be his girlfriend!! It’s starting way too soon!!!!

We arrived at the Farm and they changed things this year. The kids were allowed to roam free, ride rides, pet animals, ride the train and do what ever they wanted! 🙂

It was sweltering for October but we pushed through. The kids had a blast and that’s what it’s all about! 

At the end of the trip each child was allowed to pick their own pumpkin to take home! It was a fun day with my little girl! 🙂

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