Darn Foot!

Well here I am again…

I’ve never had foot problems, and I think in the past year and half I’ve made up more than my share of them. Good news is that my injured foot is slowly but surely healing.
But it is s-l-o-w…

In February my left big toe kept getting infected so I went to the Podiatrist  (Dr. Gregg Krahn..who happens to be in our ward..lucky me. 🙂 ) and he cauterized the root at the top of the nail on each side to prevent it from happening again.

Well the lucky duck that I am, my right foot was now stirring up trouble and I found myself back at Dr. Krahn’s office yesterday and he had to do the same thing to that nail.

I look pretty sad huh!?! I was!
I have to tell you the shot they give to numb your toe is one of THE most painful experiences ever! I’d rank it up there with childbirth for sure!! I came prepared though and took a high dose pain killer before I went and it really helped a LOT! Luckily Jared was home and he could drive. Between the pain killer and it being on my driving foot it was all around a bad combo..LOL!

So now I just soak it a lot and keep it clean and bandaged for about a month. I’m really hoping it heals quickly since we have a Disneyland trip planned for Fall Break in just a few weeks!!! If not..I’ll be the girl in the wheel chair…again….LOL!

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