The Mayor of Gilbert

Eli’s Cub Scout Troop met the Mayor of Gilbert, John Lewis tonight! It was a pretty cool experience for the boys as well as the parents! 🙂
Here he is showing the boys a map of Gilbert and told them about their city. He said the population of Gilbert is now up to 208,453 people!! That is a far cry from when Eli’s Great Grandparents first moved here back in the 1940’s. The population then was a whopping 837 people!

Isn’t that boy handsome!?! 🙂

The Mayor was very nice and personable with the boys. He handed out the “official” (official because he said it was and it’s his favorite treat) candy of Gilbert…Snack-size Snickers Bars to everyone, and then took a photo with the group. 🙂

We then went down stairs to the room where they hold the Town Council Meetings and the boys led everyone in the opening proceedings with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Then each one had the chance to introduce themselves, what their Rank is, and their Troop Number. It was adorable…Oh..I mean very “Cool”. ;P

The Mayor and the Council watching the boys. It was a really neat experience. Not everyone gets the chance to meet the Mayor and take part in a meeting like this. The boys will remember this Den Meeting for a long time to come! 😀
On our way out we stopped to take a picture at the 9/11 Memorial at City Hall. 

It’s very sobering to remember the horrific act that occurred 11 years ago this September. I’m glad that our town has a little piece of this historic event to remind us all how blessed we are to be here…and how thankful we all should be for all of those men and women who are still fighting to protect us from it ever happening again. God bless our Service Men and Women!

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