Little Boy to Young Man….

We moved into this house 11 years ago. Walker was 1 year old and his room was the first thing we painted.

For his birthday present from Mom and Dad he got a total room make over! He’s not a little boy anymore.

The BEFORE….Cute red baby airplanes, mismatched furniture, not enough storage.


He even had the love seat from the 1st set of couches Jared and I bought together when we first were married…15 years ago! LOL!

The AFTER…We painted the room 2 shades of blue. A dark blue on the wall facing you as you walk in and a light blue on the other 2 walls. Matching furniture, plenty of storage, and a desk for all that homework heading his way in Jr. High next year!

I swear Sammy shows up in every picture…he’s sneaky that dog! LOL! 

Grandma & Grandpa Morrison got him the awesome bean bag chair for his birthday. match the new cool digs! 😀
He’s so happy about the changes. He hangs out in his room ALL the time now. He told us he feels grown up with the transformation. It was worth all the hard work! 🙂 
Happy Birthday Son! 

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