The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

Yesterday we took the kids to the Circus! We haven’t been for about 6-7 years. When I heard it was coming to town I bought tickets right away! 🙂
It was in downtown Phoenix at the U.S. Airways Center. The kids were really excited to go! The show that we went to see was “Dragons”.

We of course had to fill up on cotton candy and snow cones and enjoyed the show! Through out the show they had dragon themes and the main character had to prove himself to the dragon before he would show himself.

The Fam!


Trick horse riders. They pulled off some crazy stuff!

That is a motorcycle on a tight rope with two girls on trapezes hanging below!

Jared and I both agreed that this was the most insane performance! The cats seemed to not be in any type of mood to do what they were being told to do. They were swatting at the man, growling at him, and lunging at him to the point he was forced to fall back into the net several times to get away from them!! He then tries to calmly say…”Don’t worry folks, it’s all apart of the show!”…..Uhh…buddy…they were gonna eat you for LUNCH!!! 

The hair spinning girls! All I can say is ….OUCH!

Having a great time! 

In the grand finale the Dragon came out because the main character of the show showed strength, wisdom, courage and heart. It was a fun afternoon with family!! 🙂

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