Day 6…Everybody Loves the Huki Lau and Snorkeling!

It wouldn’t be a complete Hawaiian Vacation if you didn’t learn how to Hula! I’d been waiting all week to learn how to do the Hula! 😛 We got our chance on Tuesday! 🙂 Our instructor taught us the dance to the Huki Lau! I loved every minute of it! It reminded me of my days as a dancer. (That was eons ago…lol!) Jared did really well too. She asked us if we’ve ever done it before..she we surprised when we told her no. 😀

Our Hula Instructor.

All that Hulaing worked up a sweat so we went to cool off at the pool!

If you look past the umbrellas you see a line of blue horizon…that’s the ocean. That’s how close we were! 😀 
When we were sufficiently cooled down we had to get ready for our afternoon plans. We booked a Sunset Snorkeling & Dinner Cruise!
This catamaran was 61′ long!
Jared was totally stoked!! 😀

As we were pulling out of the harbor we saw this beauty!!! guessed it! That’s the Black Pearl!!! I was GIDDY! 😀
The weather was beautiful!
Once we got close to the spot where we were going to snorkel they had us suit up!

You look HOT babe! 😛 

This is a Sea Biscuit. They said they are hard to find because they are fragile. They also said this one was really big!

Pencil Sea Urchin! 

  Jared’s finds! The long straight one came off of a Pencil Sea Urchin. The color changes to white when they fall off. The locals actually hollow out the middles and make them into pens and pencils! 🙂

A kid in paradise! 😀 He loved every minute of it! 

Back on the boat!
After snorkeling they served us dinner and we were able to relax and enjoy the ride.

It’s a little hard to see but that’s a seal!
The mountains there are actually an inactive volcano! 😀

Look in the water. You can see a spot that looks smooth right in the middle. That is actually oil. Can you guess from what???

A whale!!! 😀

Their skin is really oily!

Enjoying the view!
We also saw a pod of Spinner Dolphins! 😀 There were about 7 of them all together. One was a baby. It was soooo cute! 😀

An AMAZING sunset to end an AMAZING day! 😀 

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