Jared and I decided to celebrate our 15th Anniversary (early) in Hawaii!!! The weeks and days leading up to it seemed to drag on and on and it felt like the actual day would never come…and maybe it was too good to be true. The day did finally arrive however, and thanks to Jared’s Mom and Step-Dad and my parents tag teaming watching the kids, we were able to leave the kids in good hands and left on an early flight to O’ahu!!!

We were just a ‘little’ excited!!! 😛

Aren’t those clouds amazing?

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the last airlines to actually serve meals on their flights. We got a breakfast burrito and a muffin. All the jokes about airline food pretty much were solidified after trying this meal. It was awful!!! LOL!!!

We made it!!!

We arrived at our hotel in the afternoon. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel. It was gorgeous! It was also enormous! They had so much to do on property one wouldn’t even need to leave if they didn’t want to. It was pretty amazing.

Our room!

The view from our balcony!! Pretty awesome huh!?!
Flying over 6 hours and getting to the hotel and unpacking took up most of our day. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the resort and grabbing some dinner. It was a great start to a dream vacation! 🙂

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