Where the Wild Things Are…

There is a really cool place about an hour and half drive out from where Jared’s Mom and Rich live. It’s called Fossil Rim. It’s a wildlife preserve you drive your car through and you can feed the animals. The animals get so close and some try to climb on in your car if your not careful!! LOL!

This little girl was sooo precious! I wanted to take her home! 🙂

Gorgeous view!

After feeding the animals for a while we decided it was our turn to have a snack. We stopped at the little shop they have half way through to grab some chips.

I think they are both glad to be together! 😀

At the same stop they have a petting zoo for the kiddos!

We headed back to the car and I snapped a pic of the kids….

Then Mamaw snuck into the shot too! LOL! So funny! ;P

The giraffes were by far the coolest part of the experience. They were so friendly and I think they are just beautiful animals. Their eyes are amazing!

This guy was sneaky though. Or I should say his friend was. He had us all mesmerized and we were busy feeding him tons of tasty treats. Meanwhile, his partner in crime snuck in the other side where Walker was sitting and before we knew it, he had his entire head in the car and in the bag of feed munching away!!! It scared Walker at first until he realized what was happening. It was sooo funny!!!

Zebra’s are pretty awesome too! 😀
It was a fun outing. It’s easy to forget all the beautiful and inspiring creatures God has created for us when you live in the city. Having an experience like this that brings you so close to them and feeding them by hand reminded us to more fully appreciate them. It was a great day! 🙂

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