Prince Alarming

Walker was in his very 1st play for Drama Club!! He was so excited and worked very hard for several months, once a week after school,  before the BIG night! 🙂

All the plays were based off of different fairy tales. The play was called “Fractured Fairy Tale”. Walker’s vignette was called “Slurping Beauty”. It’s loosely based off of “Sleeping Beauty”.

 The story goes that the Princess a.k.a. Slurping Beauty, had never had soup before because the Wicked Fairy had put a spell on her that would cause her to slurp if she ate it. But one day the cook brought her soup by accident and she LOVED it. She begged her father the King to allow her to have soup again. He worried, because he thought no one would ever love his daughter if they heard her slurp her soup, but couldn’t bare to deprive his daughter from something she enjoyed so much. So, he allowed his daughter and the kingdom to have soup once more. As suitors came to meet the Princess they would hear her slurp her soup and leave because of her poor manners.

That is until… Prince Alarming came for lunch one afternoon. He would tell the Princess his funny jokes and laugh in an ‘alarming’, almost donkey like way, and she enjoyed her time with him. She would slurp her soup and he didn’t mind at all…and they lived…..
Happily Ever After!!! 🙂 

Ya that’s right…my boy got the girl!!! LOL! 😛

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