The Country Life!

The kids just couldn’t get enough nature walks in each day! On one of their excursions they found a butterfly and caught it. They brought it home and we put it in a jar.

Sadly…she didn’t make it…:(
Another awesome thing about going to the farm is it’s a stone’s throw away from the oldest Dr. Pepper plant in the world! Besides being the oldest Dr. Pepper bottler in the world (since 1891), Dublin Dr. Pepper also has the distinction of being bottled with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar– The original Dr. Pepper formula! Let me tell you it is very good! I don’t even like regular Dr. Pepper but I like Dublin Dr. Pepper! 😛

I think our children officially became addicts while we were there! We don’t usually let them drink soda..but when it’s a special thing you get only once in a long while…might as well enjoy it right!?! 

Coming to the farm also means Mamaw’s home cooking which means we have to make her happy and eat the tasty things she makes. This picture of Jared pretty much sums up how we spent 99% of our time! 😛 LOL!

She sure is an amazing woman! I’ve learned so much from her over the years. Love her!!! 🙂

Having a great time!

At our last family reunion that was in Texas, Pampa got bows and arrows for the kids to play with. He dug them out and dusted them off again for us. 

Eli is so tenacious. He will practice and practice and practice at something until he’s great at whatever it is. He spent so many hours outside perfecting his shot. He ended up getting pretty darn good! He shot that arrow through a stick!!! LOL!!!! 😀
Later in the evening Mamaw and Pampa took us to their friends goat farm.  

There were so many goats!!

Oh and the cutest puppies ever!!!

And a sweet baby calf.

Alayna was upset cuz we really couldn’t pet the goats….

If you look closely to the middle of the photo above you can see a dog. The cute puppy I mentioned above is the same breed. They are super cute when they are little but they are trained to be protectors to those goats. The owner told us very matter of factly, not to make any sudden movements around the dogs. It sorta freaked me out. There were almost as many dogs as there were goats, which made me feel like we were going to be ‘lunch’ at any moment! LOL!!!

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