Alayna Ballerina!!!

This Fall I asked Alayna what class she’d like to take through The Town of Gilbert Parks and Rec. She LOVES art and she usually asks to take a class that involves making crafts, drawing, or some type of project. But this time I told her she could try a Ballet class if she wanted…you know, trying to broaden her repertoire.:P To my amazement and delight she said she’d LOVE to try ballet! 🙂 

It was an 8 week class and she enjoyed every minute of it. She was counting down the days before the session started, and then would count down the days til the next class. She adored wearing her ballet outfit and tights and shoes. This girl was in heaven!

On the very last day of class, the teacher invited Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and whoever would like to come watch the girls perform a little recital. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!! 😛

I love how Alayna always waves to me during performances! It cracks me up!

What a beautiful Soutenu! 😀

Yes that’s my daughter facing the opposite direction! LOL! 😛

She did such a wonderful job! Her teacher was very impressed as well and spoke to us after class. She recommended that Alayna move up to the next age group! 🙂

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