Twice the Joy!

In just about a week Alayna will be starting her 2nd year of Joy School! 😀
We took a few pictures for her window and this was the one ‘she’ chose to use. The yellow flower was also her idea. I think I have a little photographer in the making. She’s growing up too fast!

I’m really excited about this year. I was able to get 6 other moms (so 7 children total) to agree to do a co-op. Our group will be large but the children will have so much fun!

Each mom will take a Unit (which is about a month give or take). I’m not quite sure what I will do with all this new found ‘free time’! 😀
It will be good for Alayna to have a little bit of time away from home/Mom to prepare her for Kindergarten next year. Did I really just say Kindergarten? Next year? Oh my!!! She really is growing up too fast!! Sigh….
It’s going to be a fun year getting to know the Moms and their children.
I LOVE Joy School!

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