Walker’s 11th Birthday Sleepover!!

Summer is a really crazy time to have a birthday. Everyone is out of school and usually on vacation. I think we tried 3 different days to try to get a party going for Walker before we were able to finally make one work. It ended up being on Thursday night, even though his birthday isn’t until July 1st! 😛

Walker wanted to have his friends over for a Birthday D&D Gaming/Sleepover Party!

We bought him a Nook Color for his birthday. That boy reads books like nobody’s business. I can’t get to the Library often enough for him so we decided to get him an E-Reader so he can get them 24 hours a day! LOL!! Jared and his tech savviness also turned it into a full blown tablet. He unlocked it so it was able to play games on it as well. 😀 Walker was thoroughly STOKED! 🙂

Don’t you just love how Walker is ALWAYS smiling!! He just lights up a room! 🙂

He invited his buddies Andrew, Alex, Chase and Jeremiah.

That’s a BIG bag of M&M’s! 😛

I slaved and slaved over making those ice cream sandwiches! LOL!!

It was a very low key birthday this year, but he had SO much fun!! They had pizza and ice cream sandwiches (that I slaved over)LOL! Then, the boys played D&D pretty much all night with Jared as the D.M. Around 10:30pm they finally stopped and put in a movie. Around 1:30am we still heard them out in the living room giggling!

Happy 11th Birthday Walker!!! 🙂

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