Sword of Darrow

Walker and Eli joined a Young Reviewers Book Group a few months back. They were asked to read “The Sword of Darrow” by a father and son team, Hal and Alex Malchow.
Once they read the book they were asked to give input to what would make the book better. They were asked to tell them things that needed to be changed such as, characters that seemed not developed enough, story line that didn’t make sense, spelling errors etc.
After it went through the Young Reviewers it went to their publishing company and then to print. The Young Reviewers were so good at catching spelling errors, even after they had paid a company to proof read it, that he submitted 30 pages of errors back to them. It is the most correctly spelled book out to date! LOL!

Once the book published, each Young Reviewer received an autographed copy of the book in the mail. That same week the boys received their copy, they got an email announcing Hal, the father, would be coming to Tempe, AZ at Barnes & Noble for a meet and greet event!

It was a really cool experience for the boys. They were able to hear more about the authors and their story of how this book started as an idea and then a reality for them. They were able to ask questions and each of the Young Reviewers received a “Sword of Darrow” t-shirt!! 🙂
They really felt apart of the process!

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