Boys Will Be Boys…

On Tuesday afternoon I was in my room and the next thing I know there were blood curdling screams coming from the other side of the house yelling, “OPEN THE DOOOOOOR! OUUUUUUUUCH!!!! OPEN THE DOOOOOR! MY FINGER!!!!!!”

I raced as fast as one can on crutches, and found that Eli and Walker had been actng like boys. Eli decided to try to shut Walker out of his room. However, Walker’s thumb was in the door-hinge side of the door while Eli was closing it over and over to get it to shut.

I assessed the damage and it wasn’t pretty. We put an ice pack on it and gave him some Tylenol to relieve the pain but he said it just wouldn’t stop hurting. I asked him if he could bend it? He showed me that he could at the base knuckle but not at the top knuckle. He said it was really painful.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if as a parent you are overreacting or if you are following your instincts. But my gut was telling me his thumb just didn’t look ‘right’. So, I took him to the Pediatric Urgent Care…we’ve become somewhat of ‘regular’ customers there this year. :S

They took x-rays and put a hole in his nail to help drain the blood that collected underneath to relieve the pressure. The Dr. came back and said he broke the tip of his bone and wasn’t quite sure if there was any damage to the joint/growth plate so she put him in a splint and referred us to an Orthopedist.

This is what he looked like that evening, poor kid.

I called early the next morning to 3 different specialist to try to get him an appointment and finally found one that had an opening before Monday. We went today to Dr. Yospur, who let me tell you was AMAZING! He and his entire staff were so friendly and helpful. I was truly impressed and recommend him for any hand related needs. 😛

Dr. Yospur took off the splint and looked at the x-rays we brought with us and determined that the growth plate and joint were fine. The tip did sustain a break/fracture but the treatment for that is pretty much what he had already been given..the splint.

WARNING: Graphic Pic Below….also very blurry (cell phone pic) lol!

Ouch! 🙁They gave us a choice to stay with the one he currently had which didn’t offer a whole lot of protection. He could get a custom one that basically fit over his thumb. Or he could get a more stable one that fit more like a glove and was also custom made for his thumb and hand. We opted for the more stable one since he’s a kid and kids tend to whack things accidentally. 😛

The black part is a soft sock type glove. The blue part is the splint. The material is warmed up and molded to the hand and then sprayed with this instant freeze stuff from a can to harden it. He was happy he was able to choose the color of the splint and the velcro. 🙂

He said it feels much better in this than what he was wearing before. He feels it’s more protected which is what we were going for. 🙂 He goes back in a week for a follow-up, but they expect he’ll need to wear it for 3-5 weeks depending how fast he heals.

We are pretty bummed though because he had just started swim lessons on Monday. He only got 2 lessons in and they told him NO SWIMMING. 🙁 I hope he can get it off in time for one of the later sessions this summer. He was looking so forward to it…

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