Putty in Your Hands….

Occasionally there are ‘moments’ in your life that just strike you to your core. As a mom I try to burn those ‘moments’ into my brain so that I can remember them forever. However, since I am a mom, I have a memory of a moth. They call it “Mom Brain”. Nothing sticks in there…lol! So I decided to write down and share a ‘moment’ I had today in hopes Mom Brain won’t take over. 😛

I was dropping the kids off at school as I do every morning…same ‘ol, same ‘ol…the boys rush off to meet up with their pals and start chatting and laughing away about who knows what, but it’s obviously very important. 🙂 Then it happens, they stop in their tracks, turn around, and give me a huge wave and a even bigger smile saying, “Bye Mom!!!”

It’s not a big thing…but the fact that they were so involved with their friends and took a ‘moment’ to tell their old mom good-bye melted my heart. It made me feel like I’m still important to them. I’m sure in a few short years they won’t even want to acknowledge that their mom even exists..hahaha! So this one is for the memory book to remind me of “the good old days” when they thought there mom awesome. 😀


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