The Cobras

Eli is playing his second consecutive season of flag football. His team is called The Cobras, just to intimidate the competition..LOL!

Several of the kids from last season decided to sign up again under the same coach for this season, and we were one of them. It’s been a huge benefit for the team since a lot of them have played together before. They have the basics down now and have been able to get deeper into the game elements this time around.

Eli has definitely hit his stride. He has become an all-around excellent player! Any position he plays he gets in there and gets it DONE! 😀

His coaches have been so impressed with his growth and continually tell us what a natural he is. I absolutely LOVE watching him play!! I’m his #1 fan! 😀

There’s only a few more weeks left in this season and then it’s summer vacation. We are ready for the break but Eli has already been begging us to play tackle in the fall. I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that jump yet….

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