WARNING: Libraries Are Not Good For Your Health

I got a call from the School Nurse about 15 min. before school was out today. She said she had Eli, and I needed to come get him as soon as possible.

I high-tailed it over to the school, and out came my boy with blood on his shirt and an ice pack on the back of his head. Apparently, he was in the Library sitting with some friends on the floor, and got to laughing so hard, he fell backwards into a pole and split the back of his head open!!!

Yet another trip to Urgent Care this year..I think that makes 4 times for our family since January!! What is going on!?!

Fast forward through filling out endless paperwork, waiting while child is in agony, waiting some more just because, and they finally decide to see him. They irrigated the area which was really painful, put some Lidocaine on it to numb it up, and ended up with 3 staples in his head. He was a trooper. I was very proud of him. My poor guy! 🙁

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