The Results….

Today was Election Day. Walker was pretty nervous, but feeling confident of his chances. They announced the results on the loud speaker at 3:05pm, right before they got out of school.

His name wasn’t announced for Secretary.

Darn…We’ll get ’em next time!!! 🙂

We are so proud of Walker for giving it his best shot and working so hard on his campaign. He’s been blessed with the gift of public speaking and being so outgoing. Jared and I marvel at him…we both definitely don’t possess those talents!

He was heart broken when he came home to tell me. I reminded him of the most important part, which is that he gave it his absolute BEST! That’s all we can ask of him and he of himself. We couldn’t be more proud of him! 😀

This has given him experience and will definitely help him in the future! 🙂 We are proud of you kiddo!

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