Joining the Pack

Another 1st for Eli this month…He’s now a Cub Scout!!! 😀

Last night was his first Pack Meeting and his Den, the Wolves, lead the flag ceremony. It was adorable! 🙂 He’s been ‘dying’ to be in scouts since Walker started 3 years ago, and it’s finally his turn. He’s super excited!

He’s already been working hard and received his Bobcat!

When the boys receive a rank advancement the Cub Master always does some kind of ritual to acknowledge them. Bro. Campbell likes to put this fox pelt on their head to welcome them into the Pack. The boys love it! (It sorta grosses me out!)

Since behind every great Cub Scout is an awesome Mom, we get a pin too and a sweet hug from our boy! It’s very important to document such occasions…I know as they get older these will be fewer and fewer. I’m just going to cherish it for now! 😀

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