Happy Easter!

Day 2 of our weekend of celebrations….

We took some time for some family photos. 🙂

From the left, bottom row: Natalie, Carlos, Eli, Walker Alayna, Marcos, Jen, Jared, Vanessa, John, Linda, Jeff and Jacob.

The Kitch Kids!

We ate and visited, and ate some more!!! Then it was time to hunt for Easter Eggs! 🙂
Alayna loved her Easter basket!

Walker taking time to give me a smile.

Front row: Isaak, Carlos, Alayna Natalie, Eli, Walker, Kaitlin, Hollie, Dylan and Alex.

All of the cousins showing off their loot…It’s not easy trying to get all those wiggly bodies to look your direction at the same time. LOL!!

It was a wonderful weekend! I’m totally beat, but it was so worth it to have everyone come together and celebrate Eli’s Baptism and Easter. 🙂

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