Walker had his 3rd and final Pinewood Derby Race as a Cub Scout last week. He’s had a great theme running for the previous 2 years, and this year, he finished it off with a great car! 🙂 Doesn’t it look real?!? LOL!!

Walker and Jared did an amazing job! 🙂

Below are the Awards he earned for each car:

The Mouse Car.

The Chee-z Car.

The Mousetrap Car.

There are many, many, many hours of hard work here. It’s been a fun ride! 😀

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  • YourConscience

    CONGRATS WALKER (and Dad),
    Those are some pretty unique 'cars'. Shows some good imagination and a sense of humor.
    Love you guys. Give everyone else in the home a hug for me and keep one (or two) for yourselves.
    Grandpa, Dad

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