Watching Over Me

Last night we had a Relief Society ‘Art Appreciation’ Meeting. We had two speakers. The first speaker took pieces of art, centered around Jesus, from history and helped us to better understand the emotion, thought process, style etc. of the paintings. The second speaker who is an artist herself, shared some of her own paintings, her mentors, and few of her personal favorite artists pieces.

Afterwards, we went into another room where they had beautiful music playing softly in the background and the women from the Ward contributed art from their homes and a small write up of why they chose that particular piece to display in their home. The art was beautiful in and of itself, but the personal significance that was shared as to why each woman chose that painting, statue, or photograph to display, and why it meant enough for them to purchase it for their home, made it mean so much more. It was so well done and the Spirit was so tangible. There is no way one cannot be moved when viewing inspired works of our Savior.

I offered to share the painting we have hanging in our home. It’s by Greg Olsen and it’s titled, “O Jerusalem”.

“O Jerusalem”

When I first saw this portrait it spoke to me so personally. The Savior is sitting high on a hilltop in the early morning hours looking over his beloved city and people. I feel He does this each and every day in my life and with all of us. We are all apart of Jerusalem. He knows our road is hard and some of us may even become lost, but from where He sits he can see and find us all if we call to Him. In Matthew 23:37 it sums it up perfectly, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings…” He is our eldest brother and His message to us is to remember, “lo, I am with you always” (Matt. 28:20). This brings me such comfort and peace in my heart. I know I’m never alone. He is always watching carefully over me, and to Him I’ll never be lost or forgotten. He loves me!

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