Here we go Cardinals, Here we go!!

Saturday Eli played his first game of flag football! He’s been playing football at recess and apparently he’s pretty good. The older kids pass him the ball and let him run plays and I guess it gave him the confidence he needed to sign up on a team this year.

Jared and I are pretty impressed with his ‘natural’ ability for the sport. He’s crazy fast and he’s and excellent receiver! 🙂 We’ve been anxiously awaiting his game to see how he would do, and I have to say he was cool as a cucumber! 😛

See this cute cuddly sweet face? This is “Pre-game Eli”.He’s having fun, posing for mom, and chatting with his pals.

This is “In the Game’ Eli”!!! Hahahahaha!! Look at the determination on his face! 😀 Love it!!

He did so well!! He was in the middle of the action every quarter he played in.

Get ’em Eli!!!

Quick huddle to lay out the next play.

Eli caught the pass!!!! 😀

And ran it in for the TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!!

It was a great game…Cardinals vs Cardinals. (They are so creative at this age..LOL!) Eli’s team won with the final score 27-20!
I’m looking forward to an exciting season!!

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