Joy School Christmas Program

OnWednesday we had our Christmas Program for Joy School!!

The girls worked so hard to learn the songs and actions and they really had them down pat! However…..they weren’t prepared for a big audience and 2 of my 4 girls ended up with stage fright. I felt terrible..but the show had to go on.

We started out sort of ok. Jeilissa, Laura, and Alayna actually stood upfront! 😛

Until..we started singing and Jeilissa decided to sit out. LOL!

Laura and Alayna stood strong and carried us to the end like troopers though!! 😀

Charity never made it….

I was still very proud of all of them for doing their best, whatever level it was that day!! LOL! 🙂 The great thing about being 3 & 4 years old is…pretty much anything you do is super cute!

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