Color Her Happy!!!

Saturday we celebrated Alayna’s 4th Birthday. It’s a few weeks early but since her bday is so close to Christmas it’s just the way it works out.

Each year I try to make a cake that ties into what that particular child is interested in that year. For Alayna, this year has been all about ‘art’. She loves to color, draw, paint…you name it! 🙂 So as I was brainstorming ideas for her cake I came up with a ‘coloring book cake’! 😀

She even got to color the page ALL by herself!! She was sooooo excited to draw on her own cake! 😀 She said the picture is of her at her birthday party! So cute!!

(From left to right: Charlie, Lizzy, Alayna, Ava & Charity)

This is also the first year she invited some of her little friends to her bday party. This was just a few of them. Getting a bunch of 4 year olds gathered in one place for more than .5 seconds is like herding cats…LOL!!

I tried to make everything as bright and colorful as I could. There were balloons of all colors everywhere. The food was red, yellow, orange, green, and blue with several different fruits and vegetables!!

As the guests arrived they got to color a Disney picture with their own brand new box of Crayons! 🙂

We had a relay race with giant crayons in the back yard too!! This was hysterical to organize…did I mention herding cats..LOL!!

They had a blast!! 😀

Our final activity was the traditional bday pinata! Of course it was a Rainbow!! 😀

Alayna’s best friend Lola. 🙂

Eli took this busting the pinata thing VERY seriously!! Look at that ‘game face’!! Hahahaha!!

The mayhem! 😛

This party was so much fun to put together! It was great to see my little Princess enjoy her special day. She couldn’t believe that everyone had come just for her! She is certainly very loved!!! 🙂

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! I hope all your wishes comes true!! 😀



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