Joy of Earth!

The past month in Joy School we have been studying the Joy of Earth. To help us all learn a little bit more on the subject we went on a fieldtrip to the Zoo! 😀

Alayna and I arrived but Jeilissa’s mom was running late, so we went ahead started, and they caught up with us a bit later.

I’m not sure if Alayna has ever been to the Zoo..well that she remembers anyway. She was soooo excited! We came up to the Lions and I had to snap a pic of this great pose! Hahahaha! What a life they lead! 😛

It didn’t take too long before Jeilissa found us. The girls were so happy to see each other.

Jeilissa’s brother Jarom came along with us too! 🙂

He and Alayna hit it off…maybe a little toooo well!! LOL! ;P

The Petting Zoo is always fun. Those goats were brushed very well!

We spent about 4 hours there. It was a long but beautiful day out. The animals were out and about and the kids really got to see some of the gifts and joys of Earth! 🙂

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