We’ve started a new unit in Joy School this week..Spontaneous Delight!

These girls really get “into” their lessons! 🙂

I think they had a great time painting with shaving cream. What do you think? LOL! 😛

We also danced, blew bubbles, tried a ‘fizzy’ experiment (with vinegar and baking soda), had a magic hat, read silly stories like “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book”. (Which has become Alayna’s new all time new favorite book, by the!) We played games, tossed balloons and so much more!

We even popped popcorn…

As you can see from Alayna’s super cheezy face, the Jiffy Pop Popcorn was a great success. The girls each got to take turns shaking the pan back and forth and when it started to grow everyone started squealing with “Delight”! 😀 It was awesome!!!

Joy School Rocks!


  • Anonymous

    You can come visit anytime! 🙂
    I had a friend that had found some in her pantry from over the summer. I lucked out. Some suggested the 1.00 store might have it though. I never checked. I went to 3 stores and gave up. I posted on FB I couldn't find it and my friend came to the rescue. LOL.

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