Webelos Badge

Wednesday night was Pack Meeting. Walker and Jeremiah both earned their Webelos Badge!

They always have some sort of fun initiation they have to go through before they can accept their awards. No wrestling bears this time…but they did get to wear some awesome face paint and Indian Headdress. 😛

Brother Dave Campbell is the Cub Master and he handed out the awards.

Walker loves the lime light! LOL! 😀

The mothers get a pin when the boys advance through each rank. It’s only fair really…we do a lot to help those boys!! (Notice I’m rockin’ my new Cub Scout Committee Chair Leader shirt. Pretty jealous aren’t ya? ;P)

Walker not only earned his Webelos Badge but he also got his Citizen, Traveler, Scholar, Handyman, Showman, Aquanaut, and Fitness pins. We have been very busy this summer. 🙂

Walker is steadily working towards his Faith in God Religious Knot, and his Arrow of Light. He’s very close..but some of the requirements are pretty tough. He’s doing very well and we are so proud of all of his effort!


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