Hello School Year!

We made it!!!! We lived through another Summer mostly unscathed! 😛

We had a wonderful break, but it’s definitely time to head back to school. The kids were starting to get antsy the last couple of weeks which makes for a frazzled Mom.

We had Back to School Night last night and we met the boys’ teachers, got the supply lists, and met the other kids in their classes. It’s always an exciting night. You can feel the energy all around as the kids buzz around all giddy with what the new year will bring! 🙂

Walker is in 5th grade this year. I can’t believe it!! I’ve noticed since his 10th birthday this summer that he’s turning into a young man. He loves his brother, sister, and little cousins…but it seems that more and more he wants to hang out with the grown-ups and listen in on our conversations. 🙂

He’s going to be in Jr. High in just two short years…what am I going to do?? LOL!

He’s still rockin that mohawk..Mom is trying to be ‘cool’ with it. 😛

His teacher this year is Mrs. Carnes, and his ALP teacher is the same from last year, Mrs. Caperton. We love her! We’ll have to see how Mrs. Carnes works out though..:P

Walker’s best friend Jeremiah is also in his class…again!! They have been very lucky to have had the same teacher since Kindergarten except for one year!!

Eli is in 2nd grade this year! My little man hit a growth spurt this summer! He’s wearing practically the same size as his big brother, and they are almost 3 years apart! 🙂

Don’t you just love that sweet smiling face!?! I do! 😀

Eli loves school! He’s becoming quite the mathematician and he LOVES to be busy. Since he was little I’ve had a hard time keeping this kid occupied. He’s always on the go! 🙂

His teacher this year is Mrs. Simmons. She seemed very sweet and young. I think that is a great combo. for 2nd grade! 😛 Eli was also lucky to get two of his friends in his class…Peter and Jeremy! It makes the new year not seem quite so scary knowing you have a buddy in there going through it with you. 🙂

Jared gave them each a Father’s Blessing last night as well as Alayna since she’ll be starting Joy School next month..more on that later. That always brings comfort to me and I know the boys feel better afterwards too. It’s a huge comfort to have a Priesthood holder in our home.

The boys did have a bit of The Night Before the New School Year Starts jitters last night. Jared and I were in there room giving pep talks and helping them work out their concerns for a while.

When I was growing up I hated that night. I would stay awake worrying about the unknown for hours. Of course it always was perfectly fine, and at the end of the first day all was well again. I’m just glad Jared and I can be there for the boys as they go through these what seem to be scary times for them. 🙂

I can’t wait for them to get home so I can hear all about their first day!!

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