Daddy Daughter Dance…

Alayna and Daddy went to their 1st Daddy Daughter Dance last Friday night!

It was THE CUTEST thing EVER! 🙂

Alayna and I went shopping to find a dress for the event and in the dressing room I had a real ‘teenage moment’ with her. I wanted one dress and she wanted another. It ended with my little darling princess rolling around on the dressing room floor hugging the dress she wanted moaning that she wanted this one! LOL!!! Some battles aren’t’ worth fighting….she got her dress! 😀

Daddy was a true gentleman and even bought her a beautiful yellow rose corsage! What a wonderful date! 🙂

When Jared showed her the box her reaction was priceless!! She was so surprised and excited! Her eyes were as big as saucers and she gasped in delight! It was perfect!

If you don’t know…Alayna LOVES flowers! 🙂

I love her expression here…hahaha!

Sweet kisses…

Private conversation…


At the party they also had a photo booth. Daddy, Alayna and her BFF Lola Cluff and her Daddy took some fun pictures together!

Note: Alayna had already picked out her dress before the Priesthood announced it was going to be a “Neverland” themed party. So Jared cleverly thought up the idea that they would go as Mr. and Mrs. Darling! 😀

They had such a wonderful time! They ate, played games, danced…what more could a girl ask for!?! 😀

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