Time Flies…

Our final day at Disney we made it back to DCA to ride Toy Story Mania. It’s always a big hit with the kids!

On our way out the we stuck Alayna in the “A”. 🙂

There isn’t a “W” in California..so Walker wanted to use the “R”. LOL!

We crossed the esplanade back to Disneyland and decided to throw in some education in our vacation, and watched Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I think the kids thought it was interesting..but they probably don’t want to do it again. Jared and I loved it! 😀

As we left the theatre Alayna spotted one of her beloved characters..Father (aka Gepetto) from Pinocchio. It’s so cute that she always calls him Father! 🙂

As we were leaving “Father” Alayna turns to me and says,” Father doesn’t talk!” She was very upset..poor girl.

The rest of the day was spent running around to all the rides we missed the day before. I didn’t take the camera out too much on this day. I was just plum tired! LOL!!!

Here are a few pictures Disney took for us though!

He’s so competitive! LOL!! 😀

Dylan & Walker

Hollie & Eli

From front to back:
Hollie rockin it like a rock star, Jared hogging the lime light, Eli totally blocked by “ham” of a Dad, Dylan also blocked by show off Uncle, and Walker!! Hahahahaha!!

It was a memorable vacation we won’t soon forget. We spent 4 whirlwind days as a family and we loved every minute of it!

One last casualty to name. When we got back to the van to head home..someone stole my pirate mickey antennae ball.

Maybe it’s a sign…….?

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