Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Jared IM’d me on Monday from work and said the Children’s Museum of Phoenix was celebrating their 2nd birthday and they were having a party! Well we couldn’t pass that up!!! 😀

We’ve never been to this museum before and I have to say it’s one of the better kid’s museums we’ve ever visited. They have tons of hands on activities and everything is made out of recycled materials. 🙂

They have this huge junk yard tree house inside. The kids didn’t want to come down!

They also have this air tube thing where you stuff a scarf in and flip a few levers and it changes its route and shoots it out the end!! This was as big of a hit as bubbles!! LOL!!

As apart of their birthday celebration they had face painting. Alayna opted for a one color rainbow. Don’t ask me why..she’s …well…Alayna! Hahahaha!

It’s a little tough to see but Walker has a dinosaur and Eli has a turtle. 🙂

This little activity reminds me of Plinko from The Price is Right.

There was an activity/crafts room where you could help paint this giant castle and make crowns.

Don’t they looks so regal? 😛

I loved how simple this art piece was. It was really cool. 🙂

They have several play rooms where you could make your own fort, go grocery shopping, get lost in a noodle forest, and this room was a pizzeria where you can cook up your own custom pie! 🙂
We spent around 2 hours playing and exploring but we could have stayed even longer to really see and do everything. Our hungry bellies got the best of us so we left and met Dad for lunch since we were just down the street from him.

It was a nice way to spend a hot summer day …. inside! 😀


  • Jill Ison

    thats so interesting. lori just did a post on this place too! I think you guys were there the same day!! The fun thing is you both posted completely different activities so I just keep getting to see more and more. Looks like fun!!

  • Anonymous

    We went there a few months ago (before the junkyard tree house was open). I really want to bring the kids back because they REALLY enjoyed it!! It looks like you guys did too!

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